RFID at Knox Horticulture

Knox Horticulture has implemented an Item-Level [simple_tooltip content=”Radio Frequency ID“]RFID[/simple_tooltip] tag on each plug tray in the greenhouse. We believe that innovation is the way to stay competitive. RFID is an effective means of mass data collection and reporting.

Knox Horticulture has internally developed, over the past 22 years, a Greenhouse Management Software system called Grower’s Own – ERP™ that makes extensive use of RFID data which allows our staff to instantly view all activities and data in production, the greenhouse, shipping, and billing. RFID also allows for accurate forecasted availability models and inventory

Advantages of RFID:

  • Multiple tags can be read simultaneously at high speeds, meaning faster, more reliable verification and inventory numbers.
  • Line-of-sight is not necessary. Tags can be read through non-metal objects such as vegetation, boxes, and plastic trays.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • The use of RFID, in conjunction with our new software, means mitigation of errors at the time of packing and shipping.
  • During packing, trays are identified electronically using RFID antennae, so only the correct trays can be packed for a given order and incompletely packed orders are immediately spotted and corrected.
  • Box contents labels are printed and placed on each box, along with FedEx tracking numbers for FedEx shipments.
  • Advance shipment notification is sent directly to the broker office, and to the customer via email. Everyone knows what is being shipped and when it is scheduled to arrive. Tracking numbers are immediately available for FedEx shipments.

See live demos of Grower’s Own and RFID on YouTube!

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