Young Plants – Garden Mums

The Garden Mum Guides and articles below are provided by professional breeders and growers to assist you with the rooting and growing of Garden Mums.

  • Checklist for Successful Rooting

    Checklist for Successful Rooting Check your cuttings upon arrival. All boxes should be opened immediately and placed in the cooler at 40℉. Cuttings should be inspected for disease, insect, cold or heat damage the same day so you can notify us of any problems immediately. Normally, garden mum cuttings store very well in the cooler,…

  • Proper Planting Techniques for Gediflora Belgian Mums

    Proper Planting Techniques for Gediflora Belgian Mums We would like to focus specifically on proper planting techniques and help you to avoid some common mistakes that are made at the start of the season. Even with the best genetics from Gediflora you have to treat your starting plant material properly to achieve the best uniformity…

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